Twin Baby Registry Must-Have Items

Now that you know you are having twins, everything has become a bit more complicated. If you’re anything like I was, you are stressing out right now about how in the world you are going to pay for and take care of two babies at one time!

Let’s get one thing figured out right now – your baby registry. Obviously its going to look different from all the registries your friends had for their singletons, but how do you know where to start?

Here are the items you definitely want on your baby registry to make life easier when you are having twins!

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Mini Pack n Plays – 2

I highly recommend purchasing two of the smaller-sized Graco Travel Lite cribs. They have inserts that let you use them as a bassinet when your babies are small, and they are very easy to move. We had two of them in the living room for when we needed to lay our kids down during the day. They are very space-efficient! We had the room in our master bedroom for two portable cribs, but if we hadn’t, we would have just wheeled these Travel Lite cribs back and forth.

Cribs – 2

I absolutely recommend having two separate cribs for your children in order to follow safe sleep recommendations. For the first 3 months, we really only used the cribs for naps because we kept our babies in our room at night to sleep. However, once they became more aware of us and responsive to our presence in the room, we moved them to their separate cribs in the nursery.

It’s best if you have the budget to buy new cribs, so you know there is no damage to them that could cause an injury to your children. If you can’t buy new, you’ll want to get them from someone you trust who can tell you that the cribs have never had damage (outside of the normal bite marks that inevitably happen).

Quick Tip – I recommend getting cribs with a solid back like the one pictured above. That way pacifiers don’t get lost behind it! (There was a constant pacifier graveyard back behind my daughter’s crib that had slats all around it. My son’s crib had a solid back and barely ever got pacifiers stuck in unreachable places. Less annoying in the middle of the night when they wake up crying because they lost them.)

Carseats (2) + Joovy Stroller Frame

Carseats are another item that you will definitely want to buy new if at all possible. You will want to ensure they have never been in an accident, and that they are not expired (yes – car seats have expirations!)

I highly recommend the Graco SnugRide line of Infant Car Seats. They are portable car seats that click into their bases – we purchased a set of bases for each of our cars.

We were also able to use these with our Joovy TwinRoo+ stroller frame to easily transport our children between the car and stroller without disturbing them! All you need is a set of adaptors to easily use the Graco car seats with the stroller frame. This was our main method of transporting our kids while they were under 6 months.

You may also want to consider purchasing 2 of the Summer Infant Snuzzlers. We made the mistake of not getting them ahead of time, and when it came time to take our babies home from the hospital, they were almost too small to fit the car seats (even though they technically met the weight minimum)!

It’s recommended not to place anything padded under or behind an infant when in a car seat to ensure he is securely strapped in. (Have you seen this video?) But I was comfortable using the Snuzzlers because the layer of fabric that sits directly behind your child’s back is very thin. The fluffier sides are what help better position infants.

Twin Nursing Pillow

There are 2 great twin nursing pillows out there: the TwinZ and the My Brest Friend. And honestly they both have different strengths.

The My Brest Friend nursing pillow for twins is made from very sturdy foam and has a removable, washable cover. Honestly, had I continued to breastfeed, I probably would have preferred this pillow because of how supportive it was.

I ended up preferring the Twin Z Pillow because it’s kind of like a double boppy. It also has a removable, washable cover. I could lay both babies down in it at the same time, and it made for some super cute photo ops too!


So this may seem a little random, but a couple weeks into bringing our kids home my husband decided to buy a Keurig. I didn’t even drink coffee (yet). It was one of the best purchases we made. We used it to dispense hot water into oversized mugs that we could warm bottles up in. Personally I think it was a better purchase than 2 bottle warmers, as I also started needing to drink coffee to survive day-to-day.

Double Stroller

Strollers are ridiculously expensive. You’re obviously going to need a good quality double stroller. Honestly, my advice to you is to look for a secondhand one so you don’t break the bank. Check with your multiples group to see if anyone is selling their old strollers.

I was able to score a Zoe XL2 double stroller from a local warehouse liquidator for only $100. We love it. It is incredibly light (only 16 pounds!!!) and is so easy to push and turn. The seats recline far and there’s ample storage space in the bottom. I definitely recommend it 🙂

Twin Carrier

The TwinGo Original Baby Carrier is a lifesaver for when you are out and about with both kids and a stroller isn’t feasible to use. Almost every twin mom I know that used one had a really difficult time letting go of it, even if their kids had gotten too big!

Spectra S2 Breast Pump

The Spectra S2 Breast Pump is hands-down the most recommended breast pump by mothers of multiples, and is the one I chose to use as well. It is hospital strength, and a closed system (which means much easier to keep clean). If your insurance covers the Spectra S2, don’t hesitate to choose it!


You’re definitely going to want two swings with twins, but I highly recommend getting two different ones. You don’t want to end up with two expensive identical swings that neither baby likes.

I ended up getting one mamaRoo swing and one Fisher-Price Snugapuppy swing. It worked out pretty well; my daughter ended up preferring the mamaRoo and my son liked the Fisher-Price swing. The mamaRoo definitely took up much less space if that is a factor in your decision making.

Two+ Activity Centers

I recommend getting at least two activity centers for your twins. I had three: two bigger ones for the living room, and one smaller one for the nursery. I also sometimes ended up dragging the smaller one into the bathroom when doing bath time so one kid would stay entertained while I bathed the other. (I was not brave enough to bathe them at the same time). I got all of my activity centers second-hand to save money.

Variety of Bottles

When having twins, it is very likely that even if you plan on breastfeeding, you will have to supplement. Some moms manage to to build their milk supply to enough volume to exclusively breastfeed, but others don’t. It’s a good idea to have some bottles on hand for whatever happens.

I recommend getting a small pack of 3 or 4 different brands of bottles because your babies may not do well on the first brand you pick out. We went through 5 different bottles before we found ones that my kids tolerated!

In the end, my kids finally settled on the MAM anti-colic bottles. We thought the Lansinoh breastmilk bottles worked pretty well too until my son randomly stopped liking them after using them for a couple weeks.

Boon Drying Racks

When you have a million bottles and pump parts to clean, you’re definitely going to want the larger Boon Lawn countertop drying rack. We coupled that with the Boon Sprig drying rack to have enough drying rack room for 8 bottles at a time plus pump parts.

Double Rocker

I love this Baby Relax Double Rocker. It’s very spacious, especially for when you are using a giant nursing pillow. I still love it now that my kids are older and all three of us can sit on it and read books together at bedtime in their room. There’s also a matching storage ottoman available for it which was super useful for storing bibs, burp cloths, a spare change of clothes, etc.

Joovy Room2

Once my kids were a little older and started to outgrow the Graco Travel Lite cribs, the Joovy Room2 Portable Play Yard was the perfect place to corral them both with a few toys. It saved me many times when I needed to put them both down in a safe space and attend to something else. It’s about 50% larger than a normal Pack n Play, so there is room for both kids inside!

Baby Monitor

I highly recommend the Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor. It does not use WiFi, so you don’t have to worry about internet signal dropping out or people hacking into your feed. The camera unit communicates directly with the monitor and nothing else.

With the wide angle lens we are able to see pretty much the whole room without having to pan the camera. Since our kids sleep in beds next to each other in the same room, it’s great to be able to keep an eye on both of them at the same time without adjusting.

Diaper Bag

I started out with a few different diaper bags, but ended up preferring the Vera Bradley Stroll Around Baby Bag because it was huge and I felt like I could actually fit everything I needed in it. I also really liked that it was all fabric, making it totally washable. It even comes with nifty hooks that allow you to easily attach it to your stroller handle bar (yes, even my wide double stroller)!

Wipe Warmer

I feel like I often see wipe warmers referred to as an “unnecessary” baby purchase, but we were very happy we got one.

When you’re having to deal with two babies I assure you it’s more than “double trouble”, and little things like a wipe warmer just seem to make everything run a bit smoother. This is especially true if its the dead of night and you’re sneakily trying to change Baby A’s diaper while not waking up Baby B. Keeping Baby A happy and quiet with warm wipes is a small thing to do to keep the peace for everyone in the house.

We purchased the hiccapop Wipe Warmer new, and it’s still going strong more than 2 years later. We’ve never had a problem with it, and it doesn’t get grungy like I’ve seen happen with some others.

Sound Machine

With twins, either having a sound machine or another way of playing white noise through a nice speaker is something I would consider a must. You need everything possible stacked in your favor to get two babies to sleep through the night. Our kids spent the first 2 years of life going to sleep with either a heartbeat sound or brown noise playing. If you have never tried it yourself, I can tell you from the first 3 months of my babies sleeping in our room that it is very soothing.

Pacifiers Galore + Pacifier Clips

Believe me when I say, you are going to want to have tons of pacifiers on hand, stashed all over the house. Same reasoning as with the wipe warmer – keeping the peace. If Baby B starts crying, the last thing you want is Baby A to wake up or get riled up, so you will want to reach a pacifier as quickly as you can. Things will happen to them during the day (like getting lost, falling on the floor, getting something disgusting on them) that will deplete your usable stock at any one time.

You can help minimize the number of pacifiers you loose to the floor or crevasses of the couch by using pacifier clips (especially useful for when you are leaving the house – those are the times you’ll never see the pacifiers again normally).

You Don’t Need to Buy Everything New

Obviously we haven’t even come close to a comprehensive list of everything you’ll need for your twins. These are just the items that I highly recommend getting specifically for twin pregnancies as opposed to singletons.

It is going to be expensive. I am very aware of that. My bank account is still a testament to that fact. I want to emphasize that, for safety reasons, it is best to purchase new cribs and car seats. Outside of those things, though, it is absolutely fine to save money and buy used. So hit up the local resale stores, look for upcoming children’s consignment sales, and check with other mothers of multiples in the area to see what you can score at a good price!

What twin related products are you wondering about that I haven’t included here? I’m happy to answer your questions!

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